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Passionate about SAS Code and Python, we stay up-to-date regarding the latest developments thanks to the SAS training, the SAS Support , the SUGI , the SAS Global Forum, SASENSEI, the SAS Belux User group or the SAS communities.

This page contains interesting papers we collected throught the Web and are used for our coaching preparations and our specific consultancy activities. Download them for free and read them where you want!!!

Publication list

The SQL Optimizer Project: _Method and _Tree in SAS 9.1

This paper discusses two little known options of SAS Proc SQL: _method and _tree.

Powerful and Hard-to-find PROC SQL Features

This presentation discusses topics that will help SAS users unlock the many powerful features, options, and other gems found in the SQL universe. Magic options are also presented to alter the way Proc SQL make the joins.

The Optimizer Project: WHERE The Statement Is Not The Clause

Never use WHERE clause in PROC SQL when joining different tables, use the FROM. This article explain why it's so important from a performance point of view

DATA Step versus PROC SQL Programming Techniques

Comparison between Proc SQL and Data Step

Proc SQL versus The Data Step

Another comparison between Proc SQL and Data Step

Improve Your Queries

Hints and Tips for Using SQL

Efficiency Techniques for Beginning PROC SQL Users

In this paper, you will learn how to use PROC SQL statements, options, and clauses to conserve CPU, I/O, and memory resources while accomplishing tasks involving rocessing, ordering, grouping, and summarizing data

21 SQL Join Explained

This paper is a cheat sheet showing you, using Ven diagrams different types of SQL joins. They all works in Proc SQL except the Cross apply and Outer apply (not tested via Passthrough) . Sometimes the SAS text editor doesn't highlight the keywords. On top of that syntax Proc SQL has many other options.

Joining SAS and DBMS Tables Efficiently

Who neved had performance issues with queries implying SAS tables and DBMS tables? This paper explain in detail this problematic and shows you some tips to avoid them. SQL passtrhough is also mentionned with the macro %DBMSlist, %MakeList and %RunQuery allowing you to code it more easily

Learning SQL

SQL Notes is a 221 p pdf talking about SQL clauses in a format like 'learn with examples' . This paper is not specific to SAS but more general reference.

SQL Cheat Sheet

This document is a SQL cheat sheet showing you in 3 pages major SQL queries

Multi Vendor SQL cheat sheet

It's not common to have data stored in SAS Data Sets, most organizations are using databases. In proc SQL, SAS users can use explicit passthrough in order to query the data in the database language, this allows you for instance to improve the query speed. This cheat sheet discuss briefly SQL syntax of Oracle, SQL server, MySQL and PostgreSQL in one single PDF.

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