SAS Anti-Money Laundering


BeOptimized is expert in the SAS Anti-Money Laundering Solution (SAS AML). In the past 15 years, our Senior consultant, Christophe Kabacinski implemented this solution for various customers accross Europe.
In banking sector as well as insurance sector, we helped our customer to use the solution in it's optimal way. From the connection to the data source, passing by the scenario definition and tuning or to the ETL to load data in the AML datamart, the false positive reduction using machine learning algorithms or even the management reporting; BeOptimized masters this solution like nobody and whatever the AML version.

Customer reference


  • +15y of experience with the AML solution
  • End-to-end capabilities of our experts (ETL, Scenarios, Machine Learning and Reporting)
  • International certification in Anti-Money Laundering System (CAMS certified)
  • Experience accross Europe
  • Experience in insurance as well as banking sector
  • Experience with watch list load and fuzzy matching algorithms (World Check, Dowjones but many lists can be added)
  • Education of employees to effectively use the solution

SAS Products

Service Description

Anti-Money Laundering Service allows you to take advantage of the powerful SAS Anti-Money Laundering server. This high level service helps you to:

  • Extract Transform and Load your organization's own data to the AML Core Center datamart
  • Helps you identify key scenarii or develop new ones that are related to your business needs
  • Administer the solution (scheduling, add users, back-up)
  • Reduce the number of the false-positive alerts thanks to scenario fine tuning and machine learning algorithms
  • Customize user interface and the underlying process so that it corresponds to your real/new needs
  • Customize the alert workflow so that it adheres to your internal process
  • Improve the daily batch run operational efficiency (ETL, Alert Generation Process, Risk Assessment Process)
  • Create/modify VA reports
  • Optimize the utilization of watch list (Load speed and utilization of fuzzy logic in the matches)
  • Gather information and prepare for regulator audit
  • Migration from one SAS AML version to the latest version
  • Training/Coaching your teams to optimize the utilization of the solution (IT or Business)
We work with you to develop these services, so that knowledge transfer is automatic and allows you to become self-sufficient. Software migration service & promotion from one environment to another is also part of our field of expertise.

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