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SAS Viya, the latest enhancement of the SAS Platform, is a cloud-enabled, in-memory analytics engine that provides quick, accurate and reliable analytical insights. It uses an in-memory engine called CAS and is accessible via Graphical User Interfaces, SAS/CASL programming language or Open Source programming language.

At BeOptimized we master everything a customer should know to leverage the power of the platform. We can help you to perform migration from Base SAS to Viya, use the platform to develop new codes, reports, models or analysis and coach you to take full advantage of this particular SAS release.

Our best consultant Christophe Kabacinski studied hard in order to understand how does SAS Viya is working: in 2023 he becames certified in Linux and SAS Viya administration and in 2024 he passed the Kubernetes and Cloud Native certification !

About us: Christophe Kabacinski has been an official full-time SAS training Consultant at SAS Belgium during 4 years; beside his pedagogical skills, he master almost all the official SAS courses and has more than 12 years of field experience as a SAS consultant. Christophe is also guest lecturer at the University of Louvain and hold the course of SAS advanced programming using SAS Viya

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Service Description

At BeOptimized, we are expert and certified in the usage of the Viya platform. We know how to code (SAS, CASL) to leverage the usage of the CAS server, we know how to use Visual Analytics to create business reports, how to use Visual Statistics and VDMML to analyse the data and create model. This knowledge is the result of many years of field experience together with the learning of SAS course on SAS Viya & certification. BeOptimized can help you in several ways:
  • Migration from SAS9 to Viya:
    • Adapt Base SAS9 code in order to use as much as possible the CAS server for processing,
    • Convert Data Steps from single to multi thread processing, convert PROC SQL into PROC FEDSQL,
    • Migrate tables to Viya server and then load them to CAS worker nodes,
    • Promote reports and diagrams from SAS9 to Viya.
  • Programming:
    • Create SAS code in order to use the paralleling processing of the CAS server,
    • Table management optimizsation to load/unload tables from the server/database to the in-memory area of the CAS server,
    • Use Python/CASL to process CAS tables using CAS actions.
  • User interfaces:
    • Create and share Visual Analytics reports and dashboard based on CAS Tables,
    • Analyse huge data, refine dynamically predictive models using Visual Statistics,
    • Create, understand and automate models using Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning.
  • Administration:
    • Guide you to the new architecture based on Kubernetes: help you to gather logs and metrics, navigate in the cluster, pods or containers ...
    • Create libraries, User groups, Folders or other administration tasks,
    • Help you on the utilization of the REST & CLI user interfaces to query the microservices end-points.
  • Coaching:
    • Get in a couple of hours all the knowledge you need to program on the CAS server: establish connection, understand the impact of the parallel processing on your codes, code using PROC FEDSQL, create CASLIB, load/unload data from memory using PROC CASUTIL...
    • Understand quickly how to create reports in Visual Analytics, discover the main objects of the user interface,
    • Create automatic models in VDMML and challenge them with your DataScience knowledge or with an Open source model.
  • BeOptimized propose a free support up to one month on all the topics presented during the coaching.
In order to optimize the knowledge transfer, all the coaching are individual. Tips and tricks sessions can be organized on demand for group of employees (at your office or in our business center). Note that on a monthly basis, tips and tricks are presented at our business center.
You have a question? Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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