Python Consulting


Python programming language is very powerful and populare nowadays; it can be used to develop websites and software, to do task automation, to do data analysis and data visualization. At BeOptimized, we are mainly focussed on SAS but the learning of the Python language was set as a priority couple of years ago and today we also deliver projects in pure Python .
The Web Scrapping project and BeGees project are some projects realized in Python where you can see the usage of Pandas, Beautiful Soup, Tensorflow, Django, Rest API, Docker ... other project were done and some are already ongoing. In SAS or in Python, the customer needs are the same and our +15 years of experience in data manipulation makes the difference !



  • Analytic mindset, eager to learn
  • End-to-end understanding of the value chain (Data extraction, cleaning .... to data visualisation and analytics)
  • Certified from the Python Institute
  • Experienced developper in data projects as well as migration project
  • Knowledge of Git, Linux, Docker, Docker-Compose, DevOps and Rest API
  • Agile methodology : Scrum Master certified



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