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Passionate about SAS Code and Python, we stay up-to-date regarding the latest developments thanks to the SAS training, the SAS Support , the SUGI , the SAS Global Forum, SASENSEI, the SAS Belux User group or the SAS communities.

This page contains interesting papers we collected throught the Web and are used for our coaching preparations and our specific consultancy activities. Download them for free and read them where you want!!!

Publication list

Creating and Exploiting SAS Indexes

SAS indexes can drastically improve the performance of programs that access small subsets of observations from large SAS data sets. Yet, many SAS programmers never use them. If you want to know everything about SAS Indexes, read this article !

Power Indexing: A Guide to Using Indexes Effectively in Nashville Releases

This paper provides a guidelines to help you decide when indexes will benefit your application and increase the performance of your SAS programs.

Indexing SAS Data Set for where optimization

This SAS course explain you couple of nice things regarding SAS Indexes and where clause

Using SAS Indexes with Large Databases

This paper presents a primer on using SAS indexes to directly access large databases in a variety of sort orders. It discusses applicable uses of an index, creation of indexes and the SAS code needed to utilize indexes in selecting data subsets, merging, and SAS procedures. The techniques discussed produced substantial performance improvements in prescription database analyses with over 68 million observations.

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