SAS Consulting


Due to specialization, the majority of IT projects currently require many consultants and project management resources. At BeOptimized, our consultants are multitasking: Data Manipulation, Analytics as well as Business Intelligence. Our certified experts have been using not one, but all of SAS software for many years. Thanks to this versatility, our project management costs remain minimal, our developments are robust and optimized and our projects are delivered on time.


  • +15y of experience with SAS products
  • Fully SAS certified expert with latest release
  • End-to-end approach
  • Developments 100% customized to your needs
  • Planning available on the web to ease the scheduling
  • Possibility to be coached on the development when the project is done
  • Possibility to be trained on SAS to fill some gaps

SAS Products

Service Description

ETL jobs (Extract, Transform & Load) are the starting point of every projects. They establish a link between the data and the process your are working on. At BeOptimized, we acquired an excellent expertise in these jobs (in Base SAS, as well as in Data Integration Studio). We are using them since many years. This include:
  • Creation of SAS extractors to convert data into SAS from various systems (CSV, Databases Tables, XML...)
  • Creation of Data quality rules in phase with process needs
  • Fuzzy match code creation using DataFlux algorithms
  • Data combination using in-database, in-memory or more traditional technics
  • Automatic creation of inconsistency reports & email sending
  • Implementation of Slowly Changing Dimension
  • Load/update data to database in an efficient way
  • Security
  • Impact/reverse impact analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Log analysis for performance improvement
  • Creation of .spk packages and promotion to other environments
  • Possibility to be coached on the development when the project is done
With BeOptimized we are able to discover and predict unknown patterns in your large data sets. Our DataMining projects are generally delivered using the following methodology:
  • Business understanding analysis
  • Analytical Base Table (ABT) creation
  • Utilization of the SEMMA/EMSMA Methodology to create and select the best analytical (supervised and unsupervised) model
    • Oversampling and dataset split into train, validate and test
    • Outliers detection, missing values management, distribution transformation, variable selection, segmentation,...
    • Model generation using Machine Learning algorithms (regression, decision tree, forest, gradient boosting, neural network, deep learning, SVM...) and comparison using ROC & Lift chart
  • Scoring code generation
  • Model deployment
  • Model recalibration to today's situation
  • Possibility to be coached on the development when the project is done
Thanks to the SAS BI Framework/Viya and our expertise in those tools, we deliver end-to-end reports which best reflect the data you are working on. From static printable report to interactive web-based reports, we master the entire SAS BI platform/Viya.
  • Creation of Base SAS reports (ODS, proc Gplot, Tabulate and other proc misknown by SAS community, ....)
  • Creation of reports using SAS BI Framework (Visual Analytic on LASR, Stored Process, Enterprise Guide, MS Office add-in,....)
  • Creation of reports in the Viya environment (SAS Studio, Data Studio, Visual Analytic/ Visual Statistics on Viya,....)
  • Adaptation of existing report to today's situation
  • Possibility to be coached on the development when the project is done
After using your SAS processes for several years, you may have noticed a significant decrease in performance. Indeed, the data volume, number of concurrent processes and the number of people using your programs can significantly decrease your code/process performance, as they were created for a very specific framework a few years before. At BeOptimized, our experts have the knowledge that will allow you to monitor, analyze and improve your SAS codes using advanced programming techniques. Our high level planning is organized as follow:
  • Analysis of the end-to-end process to detect possible programming shortcuts
  • Log analysis to detect time consuming processes
  • Application of state-of-the-art SAS techniques (In Memory, In Database, In Parallel...) to reduce bottlenecks to an acceptable level
  • Actual/new output comparison to certify that the expecting result didn't change

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