SAS Tips and Tricks


SAS Tips and Tricks consists of half days/full days of knowledge transfer in SAS programming language and are organized by an motivated SAS Expert who combines theory and demonstration to helps you refreshing your SAS skills, discover news technics and meet other experts.

Organized for employees, sessions are organized on a monthly basis in our business center (near Brussels-North train station) and, to guaranty an optimal quality, the number of participants is limited to 8 persons. Contact us to assist to a session (scheduled or not) or click the register button in the course details, we will recontact you with more informations.

You cannot find a topic you would like to follow or would like to follow the session individually at your best conveniance? Please Contact us in order to see if we could organize a SAS Coaching that suits perfectly your needs.

Topic list

Proc Tabulate is one of the most powerful SAS reporting Procedure. It generates multidimensional reports like Excel pivot tables and is super flexible. This tips and tricks provides you all you need to become an expert in that Procedure!

The Output Delivery System (ODS) is a global statement used to redirect the output of your reports outside the SAS environment. In this tips and tricks we will discuss the ODS PDF, ODS RTF, ODS Excel, ODS CSVALL.