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Creating reports using Base SAS

Base SAS contains couple of very nice procedures to create reports on your data . This tips and tricks shows you an overview of the most popular including The Proc Tabulate which is one of the most powerful SAS reporting Procedure.


In this tips and tricks, we will do an end-to-end approach on the report creation using Base SAS, more precisely we will have a look to:

  • Creating and using custom SAS format,
  • Sort your data and remove duplicates using the PROC SORT,
  • Introduction to basic reports: Proc Print, Proc means and Proc Freq ,
  • Introduction to advanced reports: Proc Univariate, Proc Report and Proc Tabulate ,
  • Combining results using ODS Layout
  • Exporting reports in PDF, WORD, XLSX or HTML using ODS


You have some SAS experience and would like to use SAS procedures to create reports.

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