SAS Tips and Tricks

Understanding the SAS terminology

SAS projects can be difficult to evaluate and consultant misunderstood when you are not familiar with SAS terminology. Data Step, Proc Step, Hash Object, Formats, Statements (etc.) if you are lost with this terminology and would like to have a summary, this tips and tricks is made for you !


This tips and tricks perfect fits managers who have to manage employees and consultants who are using SAS.
In this tips and tricks, we will talk about the SAS programming language and the SAS environments in order to demystify it. We will first have a look to the main steps of a SAS program and extract its main statements:

  • What are the Data Step and Proc Step?
  • What is a library and what kind of data can SAS query?
  • What kind of data can SAS create?
  • What do we mean by functions, formats, loops, array, hash object, ODS, macro, Store process (etc.)?
  • What is the particularity of SAS compared to standard SQL?

Then we will discuss couple of very popular SAS Procedures in order to understand their usage:
  • Proc Print
  • Proc Report
  • Proc Tabulate
  • Proc sort
  • Proc SQL
  • Proc Import and Export
  • Proc Means
  • Proc Freq

  • Finally, couple of SAS software will be illustrated in order to understand their usage:
    • Data Integration Studio
    • Enterprise Guide
    • Enterprise Miner
    • Visual Analytics
    • Add in of MS Office
    • Prerequisites

      You don't have any SAS experience and would like to understand the basic terminology of the SAS programming language.

Quick Facts

  • Scheduled date: Session not yet scheduled.
  • Duration :3 Hours
  • Fee :240 Euros (VAT Exclusive)
  • Language: French/English
  • Included: Coffees, tips and tricks material

Christophe Kabacinski

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Course Location

This course will be organized at : Boulevard Simon Bolivar 34 1000 Bruxelles

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