SAS Tips and Tricks

Create and use formats in SAS

SAS formats are instruction that SAS uses to write data values. You use formats to control the written appearance of data values, or, in some cases, to group data values together for analysis. You can create format manually with hardcoded values or from datasets, you can store them in permanent library, share them and also use build-in format (etc.) every thing you want to know about SAS format should be present in this tips and tricks.


SAS formats are useful instruction which can be used in a large variety of circumstance. In this tips and tricks, we will first have a look on how formats can be created:

  • Create format with hardcoded values
  • Create format on the basis of an input dataset
  • Update format
  • View the contents of the formats
  • Create picture format
  • Find the list of SAS default formats
  • Store the format in permanent or temporary library
Then we will have a look on how we could apply those formats:
  • Use format in Data Step in order to surface your data values differently
  • Use format in Proc Step to aggregate your data differently
  • Use format to validate your values
  • .


    You have some SAS experience and would like to validate your data against reference table using SAS format.

Quick Facts

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  • Duration :3 Hours
  • Fee :255 Euros (VAT Exclusive)
  • Language: French/English
  • Included: Coffees, tips and tricks material

Christophe Kabacinski

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This course will be organized at : Boulevard Simon Bolivar 34 1000 Bruxelles

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